Artistically Inspired Collaborative Working Space

Intimate, refined and artistically inspired working space.  Whether you want to rent a desk, host an event, run a workshop, schedule a meeting ... or if you're just looking for somewhere to meet people and discover something new - Art Hub Manly is the place to be! We offer artistically inspired, flexible working spaces for all kinds people, from local professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers , IT start- ups, producers, consultants, PR, architects, designers…!

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to anyone just looking to host an event. At Art Hub Manly you have the opportunity to become part of an inspirational new community that encourages the cross-pollination of ideas by collaboration, communication and support. Set in the beautiful CK Gallery in the heart of Manly our space is adorned with an ever-changing display of incredible original artworks, either from our resident artist Ceasius Kakius or one of our visiting guest artists.

Our huge windows overlook the Corso, bringing in stunning natural light and a cool ocean breeze from Manly Beach which is just footsteps away. We're breaking the barriers between work and play and we'd love to invite you to come and check it out!